Advice prior to proceedings, conclusion of contracts or any other commitment on your part towards third parties. A knowledge of applicable laws, the latest introduced amendments and their interpretations by the courts and tribunals is essential in deciding on the likelihood and prospects of success of any legal action that you are proposing to engage in.

Assistance in your negotiations and/or transactions by seeking the solution that best suits your situation and, if necessary, drafting acts on your behalf, for use in your day-to-day life (residential leases, loans, etc.) or in a professional context (contracts and commercial transactions, etc.).

Legal representation before any court of law (civil, criminal, administrative or social), at first instance and on appeal, whether you are the plaintiff or the defendant, whether you are being sued before a court of law or whether you wish to take legal action yourself.

Our firm has a wealth of experience and works in the following areas:

Labour law

Individual and collective labour relations

  • Recruitment, employment contracts
  • Disciplinary sanctions
  • Paid leave
  • Suspension of employment contract
  • Amendments of employment contracts
  • Working hours (overtime, mandatory rest period, etc.)
  • Harassment, discrimination
  • Dispute regarding vocational training paid for by employer
  • Statutes of company executives
  • Redundancies
  • Transactions
  • Individual dismissal procedure on personal or economic grounds
  • Work accidents, occupational diseases
  • Health and safety conditions at work

Civil law

Family law

  • Divorce
    • Parental authority
    • Visiting rights and custody
    • Contribution to maintenance and education of children
    • Revision of maintenance payments support
  • Partnership
    • Counsel
    • Dissolution
  • Parentage
    • Establishment of parentage
    • Simple / full adoption
    • Paternity suits or disputes
  • Successions
    • Counsel
    • Counsel

Tenancy law

  • Residential leases
    • Contracts
    • Leases and review
    • Termination

Property law

  • Counsel and litigation in construction law
  • Litigation over undertakings to sell
  • Co-ownership
  • Easements
  • Neighbourhood problems

Contract law

  • Civil contracts
  • Recovery of civil claims
  • Contractual liability
  • Enforcement
  • Quasi-contracts
  • Consumer rights

Civil liability

  • Compensation for damage
  • Insurance negotiations
  • Traffic accidents
  • Medical liability

Rights of individuals

  • Legal personality
    • Change of name / first name
    • Civil status documents and action for rectification
  • Personality rights
    • Privacy
    • Image
    • Defamation
  • Protected adults
    • Guardianship
    • Curatorship
    • Judicial protection
  • Minors
    • Parental authority
    • Emancipation
    • Guardianship
    • Estate management of the minor child
    • Rights of the minor child

Immigration and nationality law

  • Immigration and nationality law
  • Residence and work permits (granting and withdrawal)
  • Family reunification
  • Recognition of refugee status
  • Acquisition of Luxembourg nationality
  • Civil status difficulties

Criminal law

  • Litigation involving driving licence
  • Assistance before criminal courts (police court, correctional chamber and criminal chamber)
  • Assistance before examining judge
  • Monitoring of sentence enforcement
  • Launching a civil action

Administrative law

  • Urban development, building permits, subdivisions
  • Public procurement disputes
  • Environmental law
  • Disputes involving civil service, educational system
  • Immigration law (see above)

Commercial and business law

In the event of a dispute involving a supplier or a client, responsive legal assistance will allow you to apply pressure on the co-contracting party to comply with its obligations and to recover payments due.

Our firm routinely deals with general commercial disputes and in particular:

  • Company incorporation
  • Contractual liability and enforcement
  • Debt recovery
  • Leasing
  • Commercial leases
  • Contract drafting
  • Negotiations
  • Unpaid rent and evictions
  • Bankruptcy