Our fees are calculated on the basis of work carried out, the degree of urgency involved and the amount of time spent, these factors being determined by the difficulty of the case.

We can, upon request, supply a provisional quote, which will also take your financial capacities into consideration.

Depending on circumstances, we can provide you with a fee agreement or a subscription plan.

The first consultation is billed at € 200 excluding taxes (45-60 minutes).

To the fees per se, which compensate the work of the solicitor, are added costs incurred by us during our work.

Once we open a case on your behalf, you will receive a request for an advance payment. This allows the solicitor to cover initial costs and work performed. When the amount of this advance payment has been absorbed, the firm will invoice its fees and costs in further requests for payment, in accordance with an assessment of the work left to be completed before the next step and so forth, until the case has been closed.

A summary invoice, listing all the work performed and costs incurred, is routinely sent out by the firm upon completion of the case.

It will detail the costs and disbursements incurred by the firm (bailiff costs, facsimiles, ordinary or registered letters, translation costs, etc.).

This summary invoice will thus allow you to understand what the invoiced fees and costs correspond to and provide precise details of all the services performed.